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Facebook – Timeline starter pack!


This is ideal for small business’ that want to build a social presence and want to just ‘test the water’.   No ongoing costs, all the basics covered – this is the ideal way to get started on Facebook.

What’s Included:

  • Branded Timeline Cover + Profile Icon.
  • Mail Chimp Newsletter Sign up tab.
  • Mail Chimp Account with Branded Email Template.
  • Fan-gated Company Info tab with email capture/special offer/hidden content.
  • RSS Feed Tab (from blog).
  • A Screencast to show you how to use Mailchimp.

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Facebook – Timeline Builder pack!

This package includes all you need in order to get your Business Timeline up and running and, most importantly, getting ‘likes’, capturing email address’ and ultimately, INCREASING SALES and growing your social community.

Our Facebook Timeline Packs are all about getting your fans involved in your product and building your online community.  This Timeline Package includes four professionally designed applications for your timeline, strategically chosen (with you) to MAXIMISE your company’s Facebook profile and lead generation.


Whats Included

1 x Branded Timeline Cover and Square Thumbnail Image.

1 x Facebook Sweepstake Promotion.

3 x Branded Applications listed below.

The first 30 days of your campaign(s).

A monthly social report to show you what is working on Facebook – what posts are generating likes, shares, and how your community is growing.

All applications include:

Your company’s branding on the artwork of each application.

Professionally designed calls to action and images designed to capture likes and encourage involvement.

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About Our Timeline Apps:


Choose between these awesome Facebook Applications

Fan Offer

Offer your fans an exclusive offer for liking your page!  A great way to increase likes and increase your sales.  Rewarding fans with an exclusive coupon or invitation to a special event.

Features:  Fan gating, share management, traffic control.

Opt-In App

Create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations to capture valuable information directly from your Fan page.  Includes optional ‘Fan Gating’ (ie. must like page in order to see content).

Exclusive App

Increase page likes by offering exclusive content to fans.  Visitors unlock a “fan exclusive” download by sharing a wall post (supports audio, video, documents, printable coupons, and more).

Company Profile / Snapshot App

Upload a simple image or message for a customized landing page.  Use this app for a company profile, or to highlight a product or promotion.

Showcase App

Showcase up to products, images, slides, a menu… the possibilities are endless.  Images can be linked to information on your website, and an option ‘Buy Now’ button converts your Facebook into an online store.

Deal Share / Group Buying Deal

Create and launch a viral deal on your Facebook Page where you can set the number of registrations required to unlock a special deal.

Features:  Fangating, integrates with PayPal, share management, email capture.

Map App

Include a map so your customers can find you or your event…directions included!

Features:  Directions from your customers to you.

Document Display

Share important documents like whitepapers, articles, instructions, and other text or visual-heavy materials directly on your fan page.  Great for converting fans before sharing ebooks, reports or other documents of interest to your fans.

Features:  Fan gating, Facebook commentating, share option.

Mini Store

Showcase and sell up to 10 products or services on Facebook with this easy-to-configure social mini-store.

Features:  Share Management, Facebook Commenting, Buy Now button.

Donate App

Raise funds for your favorite cause with this app on your Facebook Page.

Features:  Share Management, traffic control.

Viral Wave

Generate a wave of support and momentum for a product, cause, candidate, or occasion with this extremely viral application.  Visitors are encouraged to share a pre-crafted message with their networks, which drives viral awareness and support for cause, issue, or brand.

Features:  Share Management, traffic control.

RSS Feed

Import your websites RSS feed into Facebook and create an extension of your site into your Facebook page.


Display your Twitter feed into Facebook with a customized header to help build your brand.


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