Social Media Marketing

Community ManagementHere are some statistics that show you why you need to get on board today

  • There are over 800M users of Facebook worldwide, more than 10 million are Australian
  • 140M active users on Twitter worldwide
  • Over 100M videos are watched on YouTube every day
  • Pinterest has over 12M user worldwide
  • Linkedin has over 100M worldwide



What are your social media objectives?

  1. Attracting new clients to your website or business
  2. Selling your product or service
  3. Public relations – self promotion or handling good and bad PR
  4. Building your database of email addresses
  5. Market Research – before you launch new products or services
  6. Building a loyal community to inform them of; sales, discounts, offers etc.
  7. Customer Service – using the platforms as your customer service point of call
  8. Networking – with industry peers or potential clients

The social web is happening around you, and you need to get your business involved. Whether you’re just getting started with a social media approach, or looking for a more sophisticated way to listen, measure and engage in social media, Xpand Online has the solutions to get your business to the next level.

We can help you with:

1. Online communities – build your online community on any platform

2. Content creation – Create strategic content for all platforms inc.:

  • video & image creation – with the intention to go viral that inc. your brand message
  • infographics
  • sticky content – inc. landing pages on your website to convert sales & leads
  • facebook competitions/giveaways etc. – that build ‘likes’ & your database
  • downloadable products – whitepapers, ebooks etc.

3. Social Media content calendar - create conversation & content calendars for all platforms. Helping you to understand; what to post & when to post for the highest engagement, & increasing clicks to your website, to convert to leads & sales

4. Community Management – Managing the day to day posting & engagement on your social media platforms, for businesses who don’t have the time to do it themselves

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