Search Engine Optimisation

Do you need your website ranked at the top of Google?


Has your website recently lost its ranking in Google?


Search Engine Optimisaton changes continually, especially since Google does around 500 changes a year to improve search rankings for websites.

We are dedicated to keeping up to date with all Google changes and industry changes, so your site will continue to rank high in search engines at all times.

The recent ‘Penguin’update in Google, sees a new way for companies to look at the way they do their SEO.  Article marketing, keyword stuffing and paying for inbound links as a way to artificially boost search rankings is a thing of the past.  If this is the way you have been doing your SEO then you have probably seen a drop in your google rankings over the past couple of weeks.

At Xpand Online we can help you with the best SEO practices which include: creating rich & sticky content that your potential clients are look for. We also analysis your links to your website to make sure that they are helping with your rankings and that they are legitimate links.  Also all best practices in SEO and all practices that adhere with changes within Google and other search engines.


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