Build your likes through offline advertising & offline marketing

There are other ways you can build your Facebook community, that do not include the internet.

Here are some ideas:

1. If you have a restaurant, bar etc. you could run a promotion that the waiter/bar staff mentions – if you check into the establishments facebook places page you get 10% off your next meal or 1 free drink

2. Promote at your shop, place of business in a poster, that if the customer joins your facebook page, they get a discount coupon that they can print out, so next time they visit they get that discount.

3. If you have a stand at a trade show or a market stall, print out flyers saying ‘join our facebook community’ and get 10% off all products.

4. If you are running an event, promote to people to go to your facebook page to download a FREE ticket.

5. You can always do print ads that encourage readers to go to your facebook page for an exclusive offer; discounts, coupons.

6. Clearly radio & TV are great mediums to promote your facebook offer, but much more costly.