Build your likes through Facebook ads, your email list, online advertising & EDM’s.

The best thing about Facebook in my opinion is that it is an easy way to grow your database, that is your target market. I love it!

Here are a few ways to grow your Facebook Community

Facebook ads

Promoting your Facebook promotion through Facebook ads is a great way to build your ‘facebook likes’, that are your target market. It will have to be a compelling offer, with good marketing speak & a great image for people to click on it. On average I have found that for around $1, you get 1 ‘like’, and around 66% of your likes will give you their email address. For example if you spent $1000, you will get around 1000 ‘likes’, and 600 email addresses. That is really great value!!!!

I would highly suggest that you hire someone who knows how to create ads on facebook to get a result for you, otherwise you could be wasting your money.

Database list

Most businesses have a database already, so this is a great way to get them to come and join your facebook page. Send either an email or an enewsletter, letting your clients know that you have this fantastic offer/competition going on, on your facebook page. I find this to be the best way to convert your current list to a facebook ‘like’, once again make sure that it is a compelling offer for your clients.

Online advertising

Find out where your target market are hanging out online eg. online magazines, online publications etc. Place an ad on these high traffic websites, that is your Facebook offer or competition. This could be either a banner ad or skyscraper ad.

Make sure you do your research, and ask the company what their target market is, what is there unique visits (UV’s) per month (you want this to be high). You also what them to monitor how many click throughs on the ad you get, once the advert is live.

EDM’s or Electronic Direct Mail

I have found these to be highly successful. You must once again do your research around what websites your target market is hanging out at. Online publications usually have the highest traffic. These publications will have their own database that they can send an EDM out to. These EDM’s will be just for you to promote your comp/offer etc. Can be expensive depending on the company, shop around and bargain to see what you can get.

The next & final lesson is: ‘Build your likes through offline advertising & offline marketing’