Creating your Facebook Timeline apps

This is definitely the single most important thing that you will create on your facebook page, this is how you will get people to like your page, and also how they see you as a brand.  Here is where they sit on your page:

Timeline Apps


There is only 4 showing at one time, the first one ‘photos’ cannot be moved or changed, this is all the photos that are loaded up onto your page. So that means the next three should be showing what you are promoted at that time. You can have up to 12 at any one time, but only three will be showing on the homepage.

The biggest ‘secret’ to getting Facebook ‘likes’ is that you MUST offer a potential fan something in return for them liking your page. Eg. discounts on products, fan only content, competitions or giveaways, event tickets etc…

Here are some great options for your Timeline apps:


Fan Offer

Offer your fans an exclusive offer for liking your page!  A great way to increase likes and increase your sales.  Rewarding fans with an exclusive invitation to a special event, enter a competition to WIN… , Download a coupon or get a discount code to buy products.

Fan Offer App

Showcase App

Showcase products, images, slides, a menu… the possibilities are endless.  Images can be linked to information on your website, and an option ‘Buy Now’ button converts your Facebook into an online store.


Showcase App




Opt-In App

Create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations to capture valuable information directly from your Fan page.  Includes optional ‘Fan Gating’ (ie. must like page in order to see content).


Opt In App



As you can see there are lots of ways to create value to your facebook page through your Timeline apps. A couple more ways are: create a mini store, donate app, rss feed twitter, map app etc. etc. The lists goes on.

Have a look at what your competitors are doing or even some of the big brands to get inspiration.

Creating an app is like creating a mini website, you will need someone with technical skills to create this for you. Some of the companies that supply the apps are: easy promos, north social & wildfire. There are about 20 different companies offering different apps at different prices. Make sure you get a professional to set it up onto your page, the last thing that you want is for your page to look unprofessional. It will bring down the integrity of your brand if it looks like a homemade job.

 The next lesson is: ‘Build your likes through your Facebook ads, email list, online advertising & EDM’s’