How to Invite Your Network and Get Website Traffic to Your FB Page

Now that your page is set-up and you know how and what you are going to post to your page. The next step is getting ‘likes’ from you current network and to make sure that you are directing traffic from your website to the page.

Step One – Invite your friends

Firstly, ask all your friends and family on your personal page to join your business page. You can find this in the ‘admin area’, but you must be signed in via your personal profile. Find ‘build audience’ it looks like this:  

Invite Friends

Go to ‘invite your friends’, and do just that invite all your facebook friends.

Secondly, go to Invite email contacts, here there are a lot of options in how to invite all your email contacts, go through each option and use the platform that is suitable for you. If there is no platform here, then you can load up a ‘CSV’ file here and it will find that person on Facebook and send them an invite your page.

Think about it, you must have a lot of email addresses, either in your ‘mail’ or in a database, or just in a business card format.

Step Two – Connect Your Website to your Facebook Page

Connecting your website to your facebook page – you will have visitors that come to your website in search of your product or service. You need to let these visitors know that you have a facebook page and that they should come over and join the page. This can be done by having a facebook icon on every page, either in the header or footer.

Social Icons

You can also have the ‘Facebook facepile plugin’ on your page as well. It looks like this:

Once you have completed these few tasks, you should have started creating your ‘online facebook community’, it will all depend on how many people you have in your current network. But don’t worry we cover in ‘Lesson 5 & 6’ how to build a loyal facebook community that is your target market & demographic, using email marketing, facebook ads, & online & offline advertising.

The next lesson is: ‘Creating your Facebook Timeline apps