How, What & When to Post for the Highest Engagement


Something to remember when posting on Facebook, the average percentage of fans that see your posts is 12%.


Posting to Facebook…

Short Posts Work Best.

Don’t over write, they should be short and to the point – Posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher engagement than longer posts.

Create a calendar for your posting strategy

Set up a posting strategy. Start with finding all the content for the brand. Look at a real calendar and determine when the key dates are, then create content for those dates. I’ve found that placing categories on an actual calendar works the best for management of content. Before writing posts, think about the categories of posts you will write. For example, mom’s were asked what kinds of content they like on Facebook, and the answers were (in order of importance):

  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Health & Wellness
  • Shopping

Notice there isn’t anything on there about product information. Generate a content calendar around the topics relevant to your category, then begin to write posts. No more than 20% to be posted about your business or product.
If your unsure of what to post onto your wall, my advise is to have a look around at your competitors pages, see what they are posting, find which posts had the highest engagement. Look around at other brands that have the same target market, what is working for them?


I always post an image with a facebook post. Images are the most sharable content online. If you have a graphic designer, think about putting an inspirational quote on the images with your logo!!! Great for branding. Otherwise, there are so many companies you can buy images from eg. istock. If you company has images then use these as well.


One of the most asked questions is, ‘how many times a day should I post’, well I think the sweet spot is around 2 to 3 times a day. It could depend on what you are promoting at that time, if you are running a big promotion then maybe more posts are needed. But in general 2 to 3 is best. Some days one is enough.

Times to post

There is a lot of information around saying what the best time to post is. For B2B companies, I would say that posting during business hours would be best and if you are in a B2C company then out of business hours would be best. In saying that I find most people are on Facebook Monday mornings, Friday afternoons, around 1pm (just after lunch), and depending what target market, definitely over the weekends. My advise is to test your audience with posts and find out when you get the highest engagement. You can also use tools such as, where you just load up your content and Timely posts your post during the high peak times for your page. Some studies show that on Wednesday’s engagement is 8% higher, must be the mid week itch.

Managing tools for posting

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are still the favourites, but Timely is good, especially since it posts during busy times, these are all free tools.
There are also paid tools that can be used to manage your platforms such as; Argyle Social & Hubspot. All of these tool are fantastic and really help you to learn about your audience to help you increase engagement & build your community, I highly recommend them if your business is ready for it.

The next lesson is: ‘How to invite your network and get website traffic to your FB page’