Set-up an Interesting & Exciting Facebook Page For Your Fans

Welcome to your first lesson in our 6 part series of ‘The Secret to getting Facebook Likes’. Each week I will also be letting you know of a tool that can hep you develop your brand on Facebook.

Let’s get started!  Week 1:  How to Set up an interesting and exciting Facebook page for your fans.


Before you start promoting your facebook page out into the world,  the VERY FIRST STEP that will help you to get more Facebook ‘likes’ is to create a visually creative page that really gets across to a potential fan, what your brand is.

Here is an example of very well designed cover shot:

Fanta on Facebook

What you need to consider when creating the design of your page:

1. Cover image dimensions – 851 x 315
2. Profile Image dimensions – 180 x 180


Once you have set up your profile image and your cover image, you should then add some milestones to your timeline.

Milestones are key moments that have happened in your business that you’ve decided to highlight on your Page. Milestones are automatically expanded to widescreen and are visible to everyone visiting your Page.

Milestones are important to your fans, as they want to connect with your business and see when you started and what you have achieved along the way. Milestones go back as far as 10AD.

When creating your milestones you must include an image that really represents the particular milestone.



After you have set-up your page then you will be ready to start building your ‘likes’ and start engaging with your fans.

Have fun creating!


The next lesson is: ‘How, what & when to post for the highest engagement & sharability’.  Stay Tuned!