Facebook hits new record with one billion active users in a single day

Facebook has hit a new benchmark, one billions people using the social network in a single day!! Here is some other stats released from other Facebook services: Facebook – 1.49 billion monthly active users WhatsApp – 800 million monthly active users Messenger – 700 million monthly active users Instagram – 300 million monthly active users […]

Facebook Launches Live Video Streaming For Celebrities

  Facebook have just announced an update to their ‘Facebook Mentions’ app. A specifically designed app for celebrities and public figures to broadcast to the public. The latest update includes a new live video streaming function, allowing public figures to share real time events with their fans on Facebook. Facebook “Live” offers the ability to create […]

‘How to get more likes, comments and shares’ on Facebook:

Here are some tips for posting to Facebook, to help you determine ‘How to get more likes, comments and shares’: Photos are great for likes, and status updates generate the most comments.  Photos are still the most shared content on Facebook.  Videos are not as successful virally and links are the least likely to be […]

Online Marketing Goals & Objectives

Online Marketing Goals & Objectives So you have decided that you would like to market your business ‘online’.  Before your start anything you have to plan your ‘goals and objectives’ for each platform, and the overall strategy of your online presence. Without specifically defining your goals and objectives, your online marketing campaign is likely to […]