November 9, 2011 Articles No Comments

This week I am the ‘Guest Expert’ for a online ‘Business Forum’. Each day I will be posting valuable information and tips about Online Marketing.

My first post was about the difference between ‘Inbound Marketing’ and ‘Outbound Marketing. The second one was about working out your businesses online marketing ‘Goals & Objectives’.

I just posted my third post that was about ‘Website Marketing’, what pages you need and ‘Call to Actions’.

Over the week I will be covering the following topics:

– Search Engine Optimisation

– Content Creation

– How to get more Facebook ‘likes’

– How to get more Twitter ‘followers’

– How to get more traffic to your site

I hope that you can join me and please if you have any questions please ask me here and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Here is the link to the ‘forum’: Business Forum of Experts

Written by Tracey Jarvis