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Online Marketing Goals & Objectives

So you have decided that you would like to market your business ‘online’.  Before your start anything you have to plan your ‘goals and objectives’ for each platform, and the overall strategy of your online presence.

Without specifically defining your goals and objectives, your online marketing campaign is likely to fail.

Social Media – Goals & Objectives

I would like to start off with telling you the possibilities for your ‘Social Media’ platforms.  Here are some ways social media can be useful to your business:

  1. Inbound Marketing – Attracting new clients to your website/business
  2. Customer Experience – Positive Conversations and Negative Feedback
  3. Competitions – Offering special promotions to Social Media Followers
  4. Specials – Giving Social Media followers discounts on products or services
  5. Inbound Education – Learning about your industry and other industries
  6. Outbound Education – Teaching your prospective clients about new topics
  7. Creating connections with industry peers
  8. Recruitment – Finding Talent for your company
  9. Public Relations – Self Promotion and handling negative PR

10. Market Research – Before you launch new products / services

Website – Goals & Objectives 

The most important platform is your website, this is your domain, you own it. You can create and use it in any way that suits your business.   Your website is not a brochure for your business, it is a marketing tool for you to:

  1. Gain leads
  2. Capture email address
  3. Sell your products

Every person that visits your website is a potential customer.  How will you turn them into a customer?  Creating clear ‘Call to Actions’ on your website is one of the most important things that is needed on your website.  Here is some potential call to actions:

  1. Enewsletter – to help capture email addresses
  2. Ebook – to help capture email addresses
  3. Whitepapers – to help capture email address
  4. Webinars – to gain trust around your product or brand
  5. FREE consultation or sessions
  6. FREE sample of your products
  7. Sign into a ‘members’ area for exclusive content
  8. Video training – on your product

Gaining trust around your brand from your potential customer is what you need to be thinking about when creating your online presence.  Once you have gained the trust of your visitors then you start selling them your products or services.

From the lists above you should now be able to start creating your businesses online marketing ‘goals & objectives’.  Once you know where you want to get to, then you can start putting in the steps to achieving those goals.

Written by Tracey Jarvis