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People get really frustrated when they visit a website and the information they are looking for is not there or not easy to find.

Here are 9 pages you most definitely should have on your website:


This is your main page!  So make sure you grab their attention and really show who you are and what you do.  The homepage should show a summary of everything that you offer.

Services or Products

If you offer services or products, then you should include at least one page providing a persuasive summary of the services you offer or a page that lists your individual products by name.

Why Choose?

This page is highly important.  There should be either a page or video on the site that outlines why the person should choose your business/product or service.


The about page should be an insight to who YOU are.  This is where people want to find out about you as a person, to see if they connect with you.


This is obviously the page where you list all the most common asked questions and answers.  This page makes the visitor feel that you know your business and you know your customer.


Absolutely imperative to have testimonials on your website.  People want to see that you have these.

Best is to have your favourites on one page, and then some sprinkled around the site, and at least one on the homepage.

Tips, articles, blogs

Having tips, articles or blogs has a few different purposes.  One: to encourages visitors to stay on your site longer, two: for SEO purposes, google ranks websites higher that update content more regularly.

Whenever possible encourage your visitors to signup for: enewsletter, ebook etc. on every page, this is for collecting emails and list building.


This page should include all your contact details and all your social media contact details.

Written by Tracey Jarvis