June 27, 2012 Articles No Comments

Here are some tips for posting to Facebook, to help you determine ‘How to get more likes, comments and shares’:

  • Photos are great for likes, and status updates generate the most comments.  Photos are still the most shared content on Facebook.  Videos are not as successful virally and links are the least likely to be shared.
  • Length – new found studies show that while 80 character posts are successful, longer posts actually generate more shares
  • Posts – posts with the words ‘I’ or ‘me’ tend to get more likes, so talk about yourself
  • Be opinionated – if you want to get more shares, post your opinion, don’t be neutral
  • Time/When – If you want something shared, post it around 6 PM EST. If you want people to like, post it closer to 8 PM. And to get the highest, engagement post your stuff on the weekends.






Written by Christina Elisha