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Im hearing the same thing over and over, small businesses have lost their search rankings, traffic & income in the weeks since Google latest update ‘Penguin’. Yes they have done it again!!

If you have done article marketing in the past and had created and paid for hundreds of inbound links then its quite possible that you have seen a major drop in your Google rankings. If this has been your strategy in the past, then it is probably time for you to update your SEO strategy.

Google declines to divulge specifics of its search-ranking algorithm, but it discourages paid links and low-quality website links. According to Google, the recent ‘Penguin’ update, will enhance the user experience.

“The Penguin algorithm update was designed to reduce Web spam, which is when websites try to get a higher search ranking than they deserve by deceiving or manipulating search engines,” says Matt Cutts, a Google engineer. “In many cases, the affected sites had been spamming for a long time,” Mr. Cutts adds.

Among the tactics Google dislikes are “keyword stuffing,” or overloading Web pages with keywords, and paying for inbound links as a way to artificially boost search rankings.

Because Google makes so many changes to its algorithm (actually around 500 a year), it’s often difficult for small-business owners with limited resources to stay on top of all of its tweaks.

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Written by Christina Elisha