Facebook has launched videos for business pages. Brands and publishers alike can now tell more of their story using this new format, leaving page visitors with a more immersive experience.

Facebook has been moving towards a video dominated platform for some time now. With 2017 set to be the year that video makes up 74% of internet traffic, it’s no wonder that Facebook added this new feature halfway through the year. Gone are the days where static images will just do. Publishers are now looking for better ways to bring their Facebook profiles to life.

If you are looking to update your static cover image to video follow the below simple steps…

  1. Find a video that you feel sets the tone of your brand and compliment your page. Here’s an example of ours: Xpand Online Facebook
  2. Make sure that your video is between 20 – 90 seconds long. Consider how your video will look when looped.
  3. Cover videos should be at least 820 x 312 pixels. Anything less than this and Facebook will not allow you to complete the upload.
  4. When your video is ready to upload, you should see in the top left corner of your cover image the below. This is where you can upload your video.


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Written by Tracey Jarvis