How to create an outstanding Instagram Profile


Instagram is now one of the most popular social media platforms for people to post on.

Just recently Instagram, hit 700 million daily active users. And with so many profiles to compete with, how can you create an amazing Instagram Profile and stand out from the crowd?

Here are a few tips that we think will help improve your Instagram game!

  1. Tell your Story

Use your Instagram profile as a way of storytelling your life or brand. ie your company became to be and any personal/brand stories that you would like to share. Also choose a few main content pillars so that there is a common theme for your posts. This will also help you when planning out your content calendar from month to month.

  1. Choose your colour pallete

Colour palettes are your best friend, sticking with a theme colour throughout your profile will boost your aesthetics and visually appealing for people to view.

You can choose a your colour pallete using an app called ColorKuler. This app will allow you to discover what colours you are using consistently so you can utilise this to your advantage when creating content for Instagram for your brand. Original content is key to making an outstanding profile, don’t copy what other people do, be individual in your own brand. Find out what works for you, this involves finding which posts get the most engagement and planning ahead the next photo shoot that relates back to your theme.

3. Make it easy on the eye

Aesthetics are now in when it comes to creating and outstanding Instagram. This involves choosing the right theme, colour, hashtags, photo shape and brand look. Some Instagram profiles use grids to showcase their photos. This involves placing 3-9 photos of each part of an image to create a larger photo. Photoshop is an amazing app to use when you want to create a grid like this. It’s visually pleasing and allows you to post larger than normal Instagram sized photos. The downside is that you have to continue posting in 3’s in order to keep this aesthetic, but that shouldn’t be a problem.


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Written by Tracey Jarvis