Facebook Ads are going to drive more leads for your business in 2017 than any other paid channel.

Facebook has been making a subtle shift towards offering solutions that benefit B2B mid-market companies in 2017.

Just a few years ago, B2B social media marketing was about posting articles, white papers & maybe even Linkedin Ads.

With social media platforms now pumping out a new feature every other day, there are now so many new Ad & content options for B2B companies.

Here are some content options for B2B companies:

Stop posting about your products!!

Nobody wants to hear all about your products all the time. Your content strategy must focus on the value you can add to your customers’ businesses and the problems your brand can solve.

Bring your B2B brand story to life!

As many as 96 % of customers reported that videos helped with their purchase decision. There is also the live streaming feature across most social platforms that can assist in broadcasting real-time events. Businesses can also create videos for customer testimonials & interviews, product demos, Q&A sessions and more.

Why you should advertise your B2B business on Facebook:

According to research from Google, the B2B audience has increased the amount of mobile research they do by 91% year-on-year. Facebook has cracked the code on mobile marketing.This is important because B2B buyers now do more reading, and work on their phones than ever before.

Facebook B2B Ad types

Lead Gen Ads – eliminates the need for users to fill out a form by using pre-populated data fields and cutting out the landing page step, both of which prove to skyrocket conversion rates.

Lead Ads – promote your event or white paper and allow users to sign up with just a few clicks.

Lookalike Audiences – finds potential customers who have similar online behaviours and characteristics to those who visit your site or are already in your CRM.

Canvas ads – to tell your business brand story over more Facebook real-estate. They expand into beautiful pieces of creative via mobile.

 Source: Facebook

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Written by Tracey Jarvis